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A Hip-Hop project twenty-years in the making y’all.

Back in ’98 when the Dubshot Brothers first got together, it was no secret they were onto something with mad potential.  With the multiple interests, perspectives, styles, and sounds being input from five capable artists that had growing talents in all aspects of their craft from audio to video, if anything, it was almost as if they had too much to work with & were spoiled for choice when it came to their skills.  The more they created & wrote music together, the more they realized how important it was to get it RIGHT…and that no matter how long it took, when the Dubshot Brothers were ready…you’d know.

And while on the surface of things it might have seemed like the Dubshot Brothers had disappeared – the facts are that they’ve been locked away in the studio for the better part of two decades writing, recording, refining – and ultimately perfecting the art of the rhyme.  Making use of every one of their skills and finding ways to include absolutely everything they wanted into their music from big beats to giant hooks – the power, strength, and unity in their crew continued to grow exponentially by the day.  Dubshot Brothers took the time required to show genuine respect for the roots of Hip-Hop while making all the right moves to ensure that they’d make a serious impact in their music, providing the means to take their career even further by supporting their killer cuts with stunning high-quality visuals & videos.  Through incredible attention to detail, focus, commitment, & pure passion, they left no stone unturned during their time spent in the underground, gathering new material strong enough to shake the earth.

Twenty years later, the Dubshot Brothers are ready to set it off & stake their claim at the forefront of Hip-Hop.  With wild new singles and videos dropping online, including “Native Sun$” and their latest cut “Love Sick/Sick Love” – the true beginning of their story starts right here, right now as they reemerge into the music-scene sounding more powerful than ever before & looking just as sharp onscreen.  A competent crew in full-effect; Dubshot Brothers are returning with their A-game on-point and ready to deliver an innovative experience that boldly combines knowledge, rhythm, poetry, & the art in the game, into one.
Based out of Las Vegas, Nevada – Dubshot Brothers were, are, and always will be created by the talents of Defstar (Producer/Visual Designer/Lyricist), Big City (Lyricist), Big Dose (Producer/Lyricist), Ricknice (Producer/DJ) & Gessone (Art & Visual Director).  Be ready for them to take over what’s left of 2018 and lead the way into the future through a solid example of the authenticity it takes to make real Hip-Hop. Click here to download all media content such as photos, videos, music, stage plot and more. For bookings please contact


Something Inside of me
Something Inside of me
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